Welcome to Finishing Post - the #homeofthebooms. A website offering FREE tips on UK & Irish Horse Racing Daily.
We appreciate at first glance the info can be quite daunting.. so we have tried to simplify as best as possible how to make money by using this site. If you have any questions let us know and we are always happy to help and chat! Email us at tips@finishing-post.co.uk

Advised staking plan is as follows:
1pt = whatever is your preferred stake. Our tips work fine from £1, £5 or even the £10 stakes we use for reporting purposes - we aim to suit all pockets and help you build a profit pot each and every day. Typically in a month we will make profit a minimum of 25 days.

Back all singles & Longshots with 1pt,
Multiples (Ew double, Trixie, Lucky 15 etc) with 2pts total bet.
NAP with 4pts.
Where you see RF TIP we are suggesting a REVERSE FORECAST. We think the 2 horses tipped will come 1st & 2nd. We advise that you place each single as an EW tip & stake on the reverve forecast as well. As its a reverse forcast one tip will always lose and if you place as both win singles one of these will also lose.. so this is the best method for best returns when they land (and the do quite often!!).
We have also introduced a new feature to the website which is the PROFIT BUILDER for people a little daunted by so many tips each day, or people wanting to cover just a few bets to build up a steady bank. This has proven incredibly successful already and very popular with followers! There will be 7 tips in the profit builder each day which goes nicely into a super heinz if so desired.
We recommend backing each Profit Builder as a single with 1pt & The NAP with 4pt. We always use £10 stakes for singles and £40 for NAP for all our reporting to standardise.
If you can manage these stakes to begin with, you will be making in the region of 100pts per month (£1000 if £10 singles) and many people successfully increase stakes several times per month to get more profit. Hence #profitbuilder.
Our Naps are also consistent, and we landed 18 in November, 19 in BOTH December and January! Please be aware that stats produced automatically by the website and reports do not currently include any Rule 4 deductions.

Todays Tips

The NAP is simply our best bet of the day, but we wont ever NAP at 2/11 favourite, we constantly strive to offer value. Our NAP strike rates have been as high as 86% in certain months but approx 60% for 2016. They are not a certainty but often warrent larger stakes than singles. More often than not our NAP will feature in the Lucky 15 or the Win Double.

 15:20 - Brighton
    Black Bess

Win Treble/Trixie

3 Of Todays most popular horses rolled into a Treble or Trixie. For a Treble to win all horses must come in, but in a trixie, sometimes 2 out of 3 is enough for a nice profit.

 19:25 - Gowran Park
 19:35 - Huntingdon
Kayf Blanco
 20:35 - Huntingdon
Always Archie
Lucky 15 / 4 Fold Accumulator
4 of todays most backed horses all rolled into a multiple bet. If you are brave and confident of all 4 landing, then put them all in a 4 fold acca. A Lucky 15 consists of 15 seperate bets meaning whichever combo works best will return you profit. It contists of 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a four-fold accumulator. You will need a min of 2 winners for return profit from a Lucky 15.

 15:00 - Nottingham
Coeur de Lion
 15:20 - Brighton
Black Bess
 15:40 - Newcastle
Master Singer
 16:25 - Gowran Park
Each Way Double

Two Each way fancies that we think are overpriced and in with a good chance of BOTH placing or Winning their respective races. We have an amazing success rate with EW tips and land at least 1 EW Double every week!

 14:30 - Nottingham
Father Mckenzie
 14:40 - Newcastle
Table Manners
Each Way Lucky 15

Four Each way picks that we think are in with a good chance of placing or Winning their respective races. Returns if all 4 place are very good!

 14:30 - Nottingham
Father Mckenzie
 16:00 - Nottingham
 16:50 - Brighton
World Record
 17:50 - Brighton
Black Caesar
 14:00 - Nottingham
Global Exceed 
(1) J: Jamie Spencer T: Ed Dunlop
Form: Pedigree: Exceed And Excel

 14:30 - Nottingham
Father Mckenzie 
(3) J: Ryan Tate T: James Eustace
Form: 2382172582 Pedigree: Sixties Icon

 15:00 - Nottingham
Coeur De Lion 
(5) J: Fergus Sweeney T: Alan King
Form: 5053212217 Pedigree: Pour Moi

 15:30 - Nottingham
(1) J: Franny Norton T: Mark Johnston
Form: 445123 Pedigree: Excelebration

 16:00 - Nottingham
(7) J: Jamie Spencer T: William Haggas
Form: Pedigree: Mastercraftsman

 16:30 - Nottingham
(2) J: Jamie Spencer T: Michael Bell
Form: 6800235 Pedigree: Arcano

 14:10 - Newcastle
The Names Paver 
(1) J: Paul Mulrennan T: Noel Wilson
Form: 3047458671 Pedigree: Monsieur Bond

 14:40 - Newcastle
Table Manners 
(5) J: Nathan Evans T: Wilf Storey
Form: 6501322157 Pedigree: Dutch Art

 14:40 - Newcastle
Geordie George 
(3) J: Graham Lee T: Rebecca Menzies
Form: 4523600093 Pedigree: Kodiac

 15:10 - Newcastle
(1) J: Andrea Atzeni T: Roger Varian
Form: 75141 Pedigree: New Approach

 15:40 - Newcastle
Master Singer 
(2) J: Andrea Atzeni T: John Gosden
Form: 43 Pedigree: Giant's Causeway

 16:10 - Newcastle
(7) J: Andrea Atzeni T: Marco Botti
Form: 214 Pedigree: Choisir

 16:10 - Newcastle
Custard The Dragon 
(4) J: Ben Curtis T: John Mackie
Form: 4211314211 Pedigree: Kyllachy

 16:10 - Newcastle
Twin Appeal 
(1) J: Connor Murtagh T: David Barron
Form: 802333157 Pedigree: Oratorio

 16:40 - Newcastle
Caeser The Gaeser 
(7) J: Lewis Edmunds T: Nigel Tinkler
Form: 3281821341 Pedigree: Captain Rio

 17:10 - Newcastle
(1) J: Phillip Makin T: David Barron
Form: 20 Pedigree: Major Cadeaux

 17:40 - Newcastle
(2) J: Connor Beasley T: Richard Guest
Form: 7311432234 Pedigree: Kyllachy

 15:20 - Brighton
Black Bess 
(1) J: Pat Cosgrave T: Jim Boyle
Form: 7131178371 Pedigree: Dick Turpin

 15:50 - Brighton
(1) J: George Buckell T: David Simcock
Form: 650521139 Pedigree: Medicean

 16:20 - Brighton
Master Of Heaven 
(7) J: Pat Cosgrave T: Jim Boyle
Form: 9604510691 Pedigree: Makfi

 16:50 - Brighton
World Record 
(2) J: Pat Cosgrave T: Mick Quinn
Form: 5374897145 Pedigree: Choisir

 17:20 - Brighton
Buzz Lightyere 
(5) J: Liam Keniry T: Philip Hide
Form: 426697901 Pedigree: Royal Applause

 17:50 - Brighton
Black Caesar 
(2) J: Liam Keniry T: Philip Hide
Form: 8050UU1933 Pedigree: Bushranger

Gowran Park
 15:55 - Gowran Park
(11) J: Billy Lee T: W McCreery
Form: Pedigree: Teofilo

 16:25 - Gowran Park
(2) J: Pat Smullen T: D K Weld
Form: 221 Pedigree: Siyouni

 18:25 - Gowran Park
Canary Row 
(3) J: Ronan Whelan T: P J Prendergast
Form: 3368144788 Pedigree: Holy Roman Emperor

 18:55 - Gowran Park
Music Box 
() J: Ana O'Brien T: A P O'Brien
Form: 32 Pedigree: Invincible Spirit

 19:25 - Gowran Park
() J: Pat Smullen T: D K Weld
Form: 2423722513 Pedigree: Invincible Spirit

 17:35 - Huntingdon
New Agenda 
(2) J: Richard Johnson T: Paul Webber
Form: 4242431532 Pedigree: New Approach

 18:05 - Huntingdon
Lake Chapala 
(3) J: Marc Goldstein T: Chris Gordon
Form: 5R12126511 Pedigree: Shantou

 18:35 - Huntingdon
My Nosy Rosy 
(5) J: Daryl Jacob T: Ben Case
Form: 4PF68221F2 Pedigree: Alflora

 19:35 - Huntingdon
Kayf Blanco 
() J: Richard Johnson T: Graeme McPherson
Form: 8476434582 Pedigree: Kayf Tara

 20:05 - Huntingdon
() J: Jamie Moore T: Gary Moore
Form: 4262U6P323 Pedigree: Golan

 20:35 - Huntingdon
Always Archie 
() J: Mr E David T: Tim Vaughan
Form: 6212222712 Pedigree: Silver Patriarch

 17:45 - Hexham
(2) J: Richie McLernon T: Ben Haslam
Form: 6F34F44U32 Pedigree: Flemensfirth

 18:45 - Hexham
The Herds Garden 
(2) J: Lorcan Murtagh T: Donald McCain
Form: F4327FU6P3 Pedigree: Multiplex

 19:15 - Hexham
No Such Number 
() J: Dale Irving T: Maurice Barnes
Form: 8P57424PP1 Pedigree: King's Best

 19:15 - Hexham
Captain Mowbray 
() J: Colm McCormack T: Rebecca Menzies
Form: 85P2423226 Pedigree: Shami

 19:50 - Hexham
Hattons Hill 
() J: Jamie Hamilton T: Henry Hogarth
Form: 083P3P3111 Pedigree: Pierre

Next Races
Hawkhurst 1745 - Hexham 7/4
Black Caesar 1750 - Brighton 10/3
Lake Chapala 1805 - Huntingdon 3/1

Top EW tips

A selection of our Top Ew fancies for today:

Father Mckenzie 1430 - Nottingham 5/1
Table Manners 1440 - Newcastle 10/1
Celestation 1530 - Nottingham 5/1
Stararchitecture 1600 - Nottingham 13/2
Custard The Dragon 1610 - Newcastle 12/1
Caeser The Gaeser 1640 - Newcastle 10/1
World Record 1650 - Brighton 9/2
Horsforth 1740 - Newcastle 5/1
Canary Row 1825 - Gowran Park 6/1
Golanova 2005 - Huntingdon 8/1


Todays Long Shots

Our famous #longshots are horses that are dropping in class or seemingly overpriced with a longshot chance of causing an upset. All Longshots should be placed EW

Thornaby Nash 1410 - Newcastle 25/1
Raven's Girl 1420 - Brighton 40/1
Vintage Dream 1430 - Nottingham 20/1
Top of The Glas 1510 - Newcastle 16/1
Masonic 1630 - Nottingham 20/1
Caminel 1655 - Gowran Park 33/1
Bassino 1720 - Brighton 20/1
Andhaar 2020 - Hexham 20/1


Profit Builder Tips

As we place approx 25 tips per day, we have highlighted a handful of tips (max 7) aimed at building a daily profit. Back these as singles for top results daily. Some players like to put these all in an EW SuperHeinz for big booms!

Coeur de Lion 1500 - Nottingham 11/10
Black Bess 1520 - Brighton 11/10
Master Singer 1540 - Newcastle 4/7
Stararchitecture 1600 - Nottingham 13/2 Each Way
Dabulena 1625 - Gowran Park 4/5
New Agenda 1735 - Huntingdon 8/13
Horsforth 1740 - Newcastle 5/1 Each Way
Music Box 1855 - Gowran Park 4/6


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